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The IntelliScan ISC-101™ is a groundbreaking new product that can be used as an economical single door proximity reader-based access control system for up to 1,024 users. It is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution and it can be used in both on or offline.    
  Cost effective : The IntelliScan ISC-101™ has an built-in reader with optional external reader input.

Communication : IntelliScan ISC-101™ offers variety of communication Protocols such as Wiegand 26-bit, RS232, RS422, and RS485.

Counterfeit-free system : With dozens of different codes possible, identification numbers can never be duplicated.

Distributed Intelligence : IntelliScan ISC-101™ features 100% Distributed Intelligence, meaning that there is no degradation in security level, even when the host is “offline”.

Audiovisual indication : When a proximity card is presented to the reader, the red LED flashes green and the beeper sounds.

Multi-Environment design : The IntelliScan ISC-101™ is sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments.

Easily interfaced : The IntelliScan ISC-101™ easily interfaces with existing access control systems. The facility code and card numbers of the Cards are represented in a 26-bit Wiegand Standard format.

User Registration 1,024 Users
Transaction Buffer 3,000 Transactions
Communications Standard Standalone
Optional Standard Wiegand 26-bit, RS232, RS422 and RS485
Indicator Red LED Access Denied
Green LED Access Granted
Yellow LED Program Mode
Networking Software Silver Access Control Software
Power Requirement 120V DC 500mA
Physical Dimension H130 * W147 * D39mm
Material ABS (Polycarbonate)
Environment Temperature -10C ~ 50C
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Performance Reading Range 5 ~ 10cm (Approximately)
Inputs & Outputs Customizable 4inputs and 2 outputs
Recommended Cable * ALPHA 6212C, 2-Twisted Pair, and Shield Cable with Drain Wire
* Belden No. 9329-22 AWG for 1000 ft (305m) maximum distance
* Belden No. 9369-18 AWG for 4000 ft (1220m) maximum distance
Optional External Reader ISR-100 & ISR-200
Reader Type EM
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

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