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BSC-101 The BioScan BSC-101 is the most advanced fingerprint technology in a self-contained terminal for both standalone and network. All-in-one solution that combines a biometric reader, proximity reader, and PINPAD devices for access control.    
  Cost effective: The BioScan BSC-101 is an all-in-one solution that combines a biometric reader, proximity reader, and PINPAD devices for access control. BioScan lowers the cost per door for adding the convenience and security of fingerprint verification technology to access control systems

Advanced Technology: The BioScan BSC-101 ability to recognize fingerprints in the face of adverse conditions like dirt makes the BioScan useful for factories, plants, construction sites and similar environments that have previously been unable to implement biometric-based access solutions.

Integration: The BioScan BSC-101 can easily integrate into existing card-based access control systems and communication protocols protects your security investment

User Friendly: The BioScan BSC-101 offers easy to follow LCD instructions with audiovisual indicator and BioScan package also provides user friendly fingerprint template enrolment and administration capabilities compatibility

Convenient: The BioScan BSC-101 reduce the hassles of password overload, decrease the risks of security breaches, improve accountability and add true non-repudiation, all while making it more convenient and intuitive for almost any user

Communication: The BioScan BSC-101 offers Flexible communication options including TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, RS485, and Wiegand

User Registration 1,900 Templates
Transaction Buffer 16,000 Transactions
Communications Standard Standard Wiegand 26-bit & RS232
Optional RS422, RS485 & Ethernet
Indicator Red LED Access Denied
Green LED Access Granted
Networking Software Silver Access Control Software
Gold Time and Attendance Software
Power Requirement 120V DC 500mA
Physical Dimension H130 * W147 * D39mm
Material ABS (Polycarbonate)
Environment Temperature -10C ~ 50C
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Performance Reading Range 5 ~ 10cm (Approximately)
FAR 0.00008%
FRR 0.09%
Verification Time 0.5 ~ 1 Seconds
Inputs & Outputs Customizable 6 inputs and 4 outputs
Recommended Cable * ALPHA 6212C, 2-Twisted Pair, and Shield Cable with Drain Wire
* Belden No. 9329-22 AWG for 1000 ft (305m) maximum distance
* Belden No. 9369-18 AWG for 4000 ft (1220m) maximum distance
Optional External Reader ISR-100 & ISR-200
Reader Type EM

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